Why choose between comfort and style when you can opt for both?

While coming across an outfit that looks very good, our first instinct is to buy it at one go. But how many times does it dawn upon us in fitting rooms or worse, during an outing that as much as the outfit looks cute, we feel restricted in it?
In literal terms, looking amazing from the outside, but not able to fully move around comfortably is the one issue that has been bothering us even before the Victorian era!

We found this gap in the market extremely disconcerting and thought about working to solve it as much as possible through our range of casual clothes.
One such hurdle came in the making of our Petunia Skirt.
While the inspiration behind the skirt came from the small and cute flower itself, we realized only after making it that it looks nice, feels comfortable but could fly off easily if caught outside on a windy day because of its length and the lightweight fabric.
Not wanting to compromise on how it looked from the outside, we decided to add a layer of shorts inside it to solve the problem. And it did!
When we sent it to Rachel (who was also the first person to wear it), we wanted to see if this idea works, and were more than happy to know that not only it worked, she mentioned it in her blog post as well.

“The skirt is from a sustainable brand called Sparrow.
Along with being a sustainable brand and having such a cool name, the fabrics of their clothing pieces are just amazing. I’m not an expert at telling you about the material in detail but from how much I know the material of this skirt was amazing. Comfort is the second great thing about this skirt because it’s a skirt from the outside but a pant from inside. The idea of wearing another layer below your skirt like shorts or tights as you may call it just for the comfort or to save yourself from the embarrassment of your skirt flying off. It’s definitely not fascinating to layer something under my skirt, so this saves you from the fear of embarrassment as well as the effort of wearing something under your skirt. “
“This look is effortlessly sassy though I have only paired a crop top, added socks (obviously) and a pair of stilettos.
 The delightful part about this outfit is how the skirt does all the work of making the outfit look so chic even after pairing it with everything nude, it’s the perfect “chill” day look for all seasons. You can switch the stilettos with something more comfortable and you’re all set for the right day. “
“This one’s for all the winter lovers, especially if you love wearing cozy clothes. Because of the various color options on this skirt. Since this skirt has different colored stripes on it you can play around with one of the colors. I choose to stick to blue because I wanted to pair this really cute and furry blue top which is just perfect for the winters. To jazz the look a bit I styled a Barret and blue socks with white high heels.”

-Images and text by Rachel D’cruz

While we absolutely loved how amazingly both the looks are styled and the concept and art direction by Rachel, we were also overjoyed to see that the skirt did it’s work so effortlessly.

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