Casual Clothes and Heartwarming Memories

There is always that one old/worn-out piece amidst our wardrobe of casual clothes that stays close to our heart, that we keep seeing ourselves going back to again and again, even as we get older and it gets shorter.
Often times clothing is associated with memories. “Oh I wore this dress on our first date, do you remember?” or “Dad brought this jacket for me from his first trip abroad and it has been with me ever since” are a few of the many times we go back to happy/sad times while looking at a certain piece of clothing.

We at Sparrow intend to make memories wrapped in pieces of clothing. We aim to handcraft casual clothes that stay with you long enough for them to make a small space in your heart.
And Sushmita agrees.

“My mum always told me that, I was a kid who loved wearing comfy outfits, wore each and every outfit for a very long time ( which I still do, yes! I still wear my clothes that I got in my 8th std) and kept my clothes neat and tidy. As I grew up I realized what sustainability is and I was already practicing it (?wow)!! I’m 100% sure that this Cotton Classic striped pants from Sparrow is going to be one of my favorite comfortable pieces that I’m going to style in ‘n’ number of ways for years together, and the lil sushi would definitely agree on this.”

-image and text by Sushmita Ture

..and we definitely agree with lil Sushi as well!
Sustainability is as simple as making memories with your clothes. As you re-use and re-style each piece of clothing, you take a greener step towards doing your bit for the planet.

I love how versatile and sustainable the top is and the material is to die for ❤️ Thank you so much SPARROW for sending this across.

Never thought a white on white would be so go-ey. Styled this white top from Sparrow with the striped pants and a belt.

-image and text by Sushmita Ture

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