Homegrown- a step closer to the community

“As consumers we have so much power to change the world by just being careful what we buy.”- Emma Watson.

True support is shown best with actions and that’s undoubtedly what homegrown brands are striving to gain in the Indian market. Due to the pandemic when the economy has taken a severe hit and unemployment is at its peak, the attention has been drawn to indigenous brands to help recuperate the loss of the economy. This probable shift in consumer behavior wouldn’t just be instrumental for the said reason but also will colossally reflect upon the carbon footprint of the buyers.  

Anya Gupta, Sustainable Lifestyle Blogger, and Head at Aura Life says, “Shopping local and homegrown helps build a strong local community. It sustains and uplifts groups of farmers and artisans. A time like this demands support and encouragement, small gestures that lead to community success and create a productive, positive environment. There is a sense of pride and simply a much better experience in shopping local.” 

This ease is due to a smaller supply chain, thus leading to a better connection between the brand and the consumer.

Aarjavee Shah, Founder and Creative Director at Aarjavee accurately puts forth the point- “I believe that it is one’s responsibility towards their community to support homegrown brands. It not only encourages and uplifts your own community but also gives a great boost to the economy. More and more homegrown brands give a sense of independence, freedom, and a variety of options across various categories. In the current scenario, it is extremely important to support each other, get more employment, and contribute towards boosting the economy. After all, what is better than building a community that is easily accessible, has an essence of home, and grows together?”

Since homegrown products do not have to travel miles to reach the customer, we believe it could be a reason for a considerable dip in the graph of environmental distress.

 Pritika Rao, Founder at All Things Pre Loved says,  “The desire to acquire luxury branded clothes and items is slowly being looked down upon; although some of these companies claim to have an environment-friendly approach towards their functions it’s not always 100% ethical. The pandemic has intensified the emergence of local brands like never before, the urgency to give out conscious efforts in encouraging small businesses is real. To be vocal for local is more than just a trend and needs to be implemented by everyone. The power to change the future for these small brands is in our hands and we must give it our all to help them thrive!”

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