Building our tribe- one amazing creator at a time!

Sparrow was created out of our will to create sustainable clothing in everyday wear for women. And after we launched our first collection was when we realised the need for connecting with women who are not only relatable to the masses but have an impeccable sense of creating quality content.
Our purpose was simple- to let our audience see our clothes as something they could easily wear while sipping coffee at a random day out or while soaking in sun at a beach.

Finding creators who could convey our vision the way we wanted to is no mean task. But when we do find someone after a lot of searching and observing, we know that our work is done, and we let them work around our products in their own unique styles, each one bringing something new to the table.

While going through Shramona’s work, we were appalled by the sheer honesty with which she puts forward her work to her audience. One can easily see the hard work that goes behind building such a beautiful Instagram feed. Her pictures already speak a thousand words, but her words touch the soul. Writing something that holds so much depth while it being instantly relatable is a talent not most of us can master.
We approached her to join our tribe and she readily agreed, choosing our Dandelion dress to create magic with.

I am going to take this collaboration and talk about how much I appreciate brands that have mutual respect for one another and trust and value the work of the creators they decide to work with.
When @sparrowofficial_ approached me to be a part of their tribe, the communication was simple and hassle-free. Once we had a discussion about the clothes they make, their vision and my personal take on them, they believed in my individual style and choice and let me be.
So I let myself be – in a place where I am completely myself. A winter morning, @bhaskar_0007 and I rode to my favorite green field surrounded by bamboo forest and all I did was monkeying around in this beautiful shade of pink cotton dress with embroidered dandelions as Bhaskar took to freezing few frames in between. Well, indeed there were mosquitoes and insects and my inherent fear of snakes but that didn’t quite stop me from finding light piercing through the creeks and running around in open fields. What a fun day and wonderful collaboration it was.

Thank you @sparrowofficial_ for the beautiful cotton clothes you sew that induce comfort in my skin and joy in my mind. Thank you for taking care of the environment while at it 🙂

-Images and caption by Shramona Poddar

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